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Made openLink function local to receiveMessage which fixed the click …

…to open link issue
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hortonr6 committed Nov 22, 2017
1 parent 8089eae commit 13e78011c673e257791073ee84e7df24acfce237
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@@ -17,9 +17,7 @@ def chatbotExit(): #Richard
return None

def openLink(url): #Richard
''' Opens the link sent by the server''', new=2)

def receiveMessage(i): #Richard
''' Receives multiple messages from server if needed, until server
@@ -44,8 +42,13 @@ def receiveMessage(i): #Richard
if "https://" in message:
searchLink = message
hyperlinkObj = tkHLM.HyperlinkManager(chatHistory)

def openLink(): #Richard
''' Opens the link sent by the server''', new=2)

chatHistory.insert(tk.END, "Click here", hyperlinkObj.add(openLink(url))) #broken line
chatHistory.insert(tk.END, "Click here", hyperlinkObj.add(openLink)) #broken line
chatHistory.insert(tk.END, "\n")

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