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Must Have Elements (Highest Priority):
- Recognise user input
- Respond to user input with appropriate responses
- Use clarification responses when user input is not understood
- Pull data from the internet to use in the conversation with the user
- Have a specific theme such as being a teacher
- Have a personality with set characteristics such as age, gender, strict or easy-going etc.
- Work using a client-server system
- Determine whether or not to respond to a message or not
- Identify the topic of conversation with the user
- Have an interface that is not just the terminal
Preferable Elements (Middle Priority):
- Personalise responses to specific users such as using their name or age
- Be able to fool the user into thinking that they are talking to a real person
- Recognise the emotional state of the user from certain messages
- Recognise the role it has in the conversation with the user
- Be able to maintain a conversation with the user
- Be able to give appropriate and relevant advice to a user whilst sticking to its set characteristics
Additional Elements (Low Priority):
- Recognise and answer both factual questions and opinion-based questions
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