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Minecraft Discord

Welcome to my GitHub

This is a Discord bot that you host yourself (tutorial below) that can tell you the status of your (or any public) Minecraft server and lists the players online. More functions listed below.

Table of Contents

Running the bot

To run this bot, just start in Python3

To change settings in this bot, run in Python3
You don't need to run on the first run as there is a first time setup.


You need Python 3.5.9+ and a stable internet connection in order to run this bot. When the code is run, it should automatically install the following libraries using pip3:

  • mcstatus
  • status
  • dotenv

If this doesn't happen, please report it as an issue and install them manually. pip3 should automatically install if you don't already have it.

Server Settings

Make sure you have your server properties set to enable-query=true so that you can get the server information


You can run this bot on just about any hardware that can run Python but if you don't have a device that can keep this bot hosted 24/7, I would recommend using a Raspberry Pi. They run Linux, are low cost, use very little power and are capable of running this code without an issue.

Default commands

  • map - Displays the online map if you have one installed on your server
  • server - Displays the public server address
  • help - Displays all default bot commands
  • download - Allows users to download the worlds if you have them publicly hosted
  • status - Checks to see if the server is up and lists online players
  • minecraftNickname - Sets the nickname to be used for 'status'
  • source - Displays the source code of this bot

You can add your own commands in the custom file which is created on setup

Setting up the Discord bot

  1. Go to the Discord developer site

  2. Click the "New Application" button
    New Application

  3. Give the application a name and click “Create”
    New Application

  4. Create a Bot User by navigating to the “Bot” tab and clicking “Add Bot”.

  5. Click “Yes, do it!” to continue.
    New Application

  6. Make sure that Public Bot is ticked if you want others to invite your bot.

  7. You should also make sure that Require OAuth2 Code Grant is unchecked unless you are developing a service that needs it. If you’re unsure, then leave it unchecked.
    New Application

  8. Copy the token using the “Copy” button.

Warning: It should be worth noting that this token is essentially your bot’s password. You should never share this to someone else. In doing so, someone can log in to your bot and do malicious things, such as leaving servers, ban all members inside a server, or pinging everyone maliciously.

The possibilities are endless, so do not share this token.

If you accidentally leaked your token, click the “Regenerate” button as soon as possible. This revokes your old token and re-generates a new one. Now you need to use the new token to login.

Inviting your bot

  1. Following from the previous steps, go to the OAuth2 tab
    New Application

  2. Tick the “bot” checkbox under “scopes”.
    New Application

  3. Set the permissions required for the bot. For this Minecraft bot we only need the following permissions:

  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Read Message History
    You can set as many permissions as you'd like which may be needed if you want to add your own code to this bot.
    New Application
  1. Now the resulting URL can be used to add your bot to a server. Copy and paste the URL into your browser, choose a server to invite the bot to, and click “Authorize”.


A simple Discord bot to add to your Minecraft Discord server



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