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Restaurant Reviews

Build a website which allows customers to review local restaurants:


  1. The site admin should have a tool to add restaurants to a list including type and address.
  2. Users can see a list of the restaurants displayed on the home page without needing to log in.
  3. The home page should display the restaurant name and a thumbnail photo.
  4. If a restaurant is selected it should load a details page that includes its address and more photos.
  5. If a user is logged in this details page should display all the reviews left by customers with the latest one at the top
  6. If the user is logged in both the home page and details page should display the average rating left by the reviewers.
  7. Whilst on the details page they should be able to leave their own review including a rating on a scale of 1-5 stars.


  1. In addition, the restaurants should be displayed in rating order with the best rated at the top.
  2. All reviews should be marked as pending until the site admin releases them.
  3. Pending reviews should not be publicly visible.


  1. The site should implement full-text searching.
  2. Logged in users can add comments to other people's reviews.
  3. Restaurants can be assigned to the owner's account who can update their own restaurant details (one owner might be assigned several restaurants).