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Restaurant Ordering System

Build a digital ordering system for use by a small restaurant. Note that this is a system that is used by the restaurant staff and not accessed by the general public:


  1. Staff can log into the system using individual accounts.
  2. Staff can take a customer's food order by entering a table number and selecting from available menu items.
  3. Staff can see an order summary screen so they can read back the order to the customer before sending it to the kitchen.
  4. Kitchen staff can see a list of the orders placed with times.
  5. Kitchen staff can click to say order is ready for collection.


  1. The admin can log in and change the menu offerings and prices.
  2. When staff log in (admin, waiting, kitchen) they only see the parts of the system they should see.
  3. The admin can generate a PDF menu from the sustem that can be printed out and placed on tables.


  1. Each food item can have different options such as chips/mash.
  2. When ordering food, waiting staff can record different options for each menu choice.
  3. The admin can enter the costs of the raw ingredients for each dish.
  4. The system can track the hours worked by the staff members based on how long they were logged in.
  5. The system can generate stats for the admin such as how many places have been served per day and the profit generated each day.