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Local Community

A local council wants to engage with the community to understand the issues they face. You have been asked to develop a solution that will enable those who live in the community to flag issues that can then be dealt with in a prompt manner.


  1. Locals can register for an account. They should provide details such as address, postcode and the ward they live in (these are the areas covered by local councillors).
  2. If they want to flag an issue they can add this by providing the location (either as GPS coords or a street name), the type of issue (noise pollution, speeding, potholes, litter, etc) and a brief description.
  3. The staff who are tasked to deal with this can see a list of issues and prioritise these.
  4. Once the issue is resolved, the person who has resolved this can flag the job as complete.
  5. Users can log on and see a list of issues, filtering by status such as reported, allocated and resolved.


  1. Users can see issues listed be distance from their current location.
  2. When an issues has been allocated or resolved the person who flagged the issues gets an email update.
  3. Each job lists how many days have elapsed between it being raised and either resolved or the current date.


  1. The issues can be seen on a map of the area, clicking on an issues displays its details and status.
  2. Other users can vote for issues and these are then prioritised for resolution.
  3. staff can download a PDF job sheet listing the jobs for that day.
  4. Jobs are clustered by location. When a member of staff picks a job to be resolved the system makes suggestions for other jobs in the same area.