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Gift List Service

It is customary for events such as weddings for those tying the knot to make a list of the gifts they would like. Guests can then pick from the list to make sure they are buying something that is useful.


  1. A logged in user can create a list of items they would like with each item including:
    1. A name.
    2. A photo.
    3. The company who make the item.
  2. They can invite other users (by username) to see their list.
  3. Users can choose an item to gift:
    1. This is flagged with their name.
    2. No-one else can choose to gift that item.


  1. Logged in users must upload their photo.
  2. Each item in the list also includes a link that pops up a new window and displays the web page where the item can be bought and the price should be displayed next to the item.
  3. Each user can access a gifting page that lists all the items they have agreed to gift to different users showing:
    1. The name of the item.
    2. The photo of the item.
    3. The price.
    4. The person the item is being purchased for (name and photo).


  1. Users should be able to send messages and questions to the person who created the list.
  2. Each question should be linked to a specific item in the list.
  3. Each question should display on the app and should also be sent as an email to the list owner.
  4. The list owner should be able to post a reply which should be displayed on the page and sent as an email.
  5. The itel list should only show the name and thumbnail of the item. Clicking on the item in the list should display a details page that includes all the item details as well as any questions and answers.
  6. All emails should include a link to the product details page for the product mentioned in the email.