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Build a website for up and coming artists/photographers: Packages: sharp, image-watermark, nodemailer.


  1. The home screen should display a grid of items for sale from all the users, this should include the image, name of the item and a price.
  2. Registered users can click on items they like and this should display a details page that contains both all the product details and the profile picture and contact details of the person selling.
  3. Users can create accounts and upload new items for sale. They should include:
    1. A photo of the item.
    2. A title.
    3. A short description.
    4. A detailed description.
    5. An asking price.


  1. Each user has their own homepage where their items appear.
  2. Any item where a user has expressed an interest should be flagged with the level of interest shown, this information should be displayed both on the user's home page and on the home screen, visible to all users.
  3. The details page should display multiple images of the product for sale.
  4. In order to comply with GDPR the contact details on the details screen should be replaced with a 'contact seller' button. This should ask the person to enter a message then automatically send an email to the seller (without using the email client).
  5. The email should include the product details, the details of the person making the query and the message and offer.


  1. Users should enter their paypal username when creating their account.
  2. Users who are interested in a piece of artwork can make an online payment (fake the paypal payment screen).
  3. When an item is paid for:
    1. It should be flagged as sold so that no-one else can buy.
    2. An email should be sent to the seller with details of the buyer.
  4. Users can perform a global search for items of interest. This should search the title as well as short and long descriptions.
  5. The gallery and details page should display low-res thumbnail photos
    1. Clicking on a thumbnail should display the full-size image with a watermark added.
  6. The seller can edit item details and remove them when sold.