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Frequently Asked Questions

Build a knowledge-base system where users can post and answer questions. You can choose the topic. Some suggestions might include University procedures or NodeJS. Packages: sharp.


This will produce a basic yet functional FAQ system.

  1. Without logging in a user can view all the question titles and dates on the homepage.
  2. Clicking on a question title takes the user to a details page where they can see the question details together with any answers supplied by other users.
  3. If a user logs in they can add new questions. This should include:
    1. A short title.
    2. A detailed description of the problem.
    3. An optional photo or screenshot.
  4. If a logged in user views a question details page they will be able to add an answer.


This adds some additional functionality.

  1. The optional screenshot should be displayed as a low-resolution thumbnail.
  2. Clicking on the thumbnail should display the full-resolution image.
  3. The person who posted the original question can flag one of the answers as the correct one.
  4. This correct answer should be flagged on the details page.
  5. On the home page any question that has a correct answer flag should be indicated as 'solved' on the homepage.
  6. Any logged in user can rate any answer that they did not provide on a scale of 1-5 stars.


The advanced functionality covers gamification.

  1. Every user start off with a contribution score of 0.
  2. Logged in users can flag answers as off topic or inappropriate. This takes 5 points off the poster's score.
  3. Every answer flagged as correct adds 50 points to the posting person's contribution score.
  4. The best users are flagged with a gold, silver or bronze start:
    1. The top 5% of users are flagged with a gold star.
    2. The top 25% are flagged as silver.
    3. The top 50% are flagged as bronze star users.