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E-Learning Tool

Build an online e-learning tool to teach someone about git:


  1. When a user has logged in they should see several pages of learning content (which is stored in the database) including images.
  2. The user will be able to click on the next link to see the next page of content and go back using a previous link.
  3. On every page the user should see a "test your understanding" link. If they click on this they should be taken to the 10 question multiple choice quiz.
  4. Each question should be on its own page with links to take the user to the next question or back to the previous one.
  5. At the end of the quiz the user should be able to see their score which should be stored in the database and viewable on the home page next time they log in.


  1. In addition, the information screens should be editable by the admin user (adding more screens and editing the existing ones.
  2. The quiz questions should be randomly selected from a bank of 20 questions.


  1. In addition, the logged in user should be able to choose from several different sets of teaching materials (the second topic should cover html5).
  2. Each set of teaching materials should have its own question bank.
  3. Users should see a list of the past scores.
  4. Any score lower than 40% should be marked as a fail.