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Computer Reseller

Build a website for an online company selling new computers (either Apple, Dell or HP):


  1. Customers can browse the computer models without logging in.
  2. When they log in they can click on a button to add the item to their shopping cart. They can view the shopping cart.
  3. New products can be added by the admin user, each new product should include a single product picture.


  1. In addition, the customers can customise the products from fixed options before adding to the cart.
  2. Items can be removed from the cart.
  3. When registering their account they should supply a delivery address.
  4. When new items are added, the admin should be able to add more than one product picture and specify each option with a price attached.


  1. In addition the customer can search for products.
  2. At any point they can update their contact details.
  3. A customer can enter a promotional code to receive either a 5%, 10% or 20% discount.
  4. The admin user should be able to add multiple promo codes and assign a discount value to each.