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# Guide for the 380CT Assignment on TSP
Your work must be done in `Template.ipynb`. The actual part you need to work on is the **Metaheuristics section**.
The rest is meant to introduce you to the basics.
Start by first creating your repository, from this, by clicking on the green button **Use this template**. Then, clone your repository to your local machine. You can then open the notebook in Jupyter.
- Ensure you have **Jupyter**.
- Either install [Jupyter]( alone or [Anaconda](
- Familiarise yourself with Jupyter functionaility. Consider taking **LinkedIn Learning courses** (free through the university) or any suitable alternatives. Here is a recommended set (e.g. each member of the group takes one):
- [Introducing Jupyter](
- [Python for Data Visualization](
- [Python Statistics Essential Training](
- Load and study `Investigating TSP.ipynb`.
- Read the [Wikipedia article on TSP]( Pay attention to the **Computing a solution** section, and especially to the `2-opt` techniques for defining neighbourhoods.
- Now you can use `Template.ipynb` to start writing the part you need to submit (about meta-heuristics).
- I propose you work as follows (You don't have to follow this though!):
* Ensure you are familiar with the TSP problem and 2-opt local search techniques. (See this [Wikipedia article](
* Watch the [guest lecture videos]( and check the literature related to TSP and the meta-heuristics you are thinking of.
* Write the code for the meta-heuristic that you have chosen. I recommend GRASP.
- You may try Google Colab and/or Microsoft Azure if that helps you work better, but please be aware that I am not sure about their GDPR compliance.
I should emphasise here that "exhaustive search" and "greedy" are **not* meta-heuristics, nor are 2-opt. Ensure this is clear to you.
## Bibliography
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- You may also find its [companion website]( useful.
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