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A Template for a student Final Year Project in Markdown

Full documentation can be found On the Project Wiki

An Example project using this template can be found under Markdown-FYP-Example



  • Pandoc
  • Latex / PDFLatex
  • A Text Editor of your choice (Emacs / Notepad++)

Cloning this project

NOTE: Previously we used Submodules. I have now moved to using the new "Template" feature. If you have an older fork of the repository an this causes you issues please email me and let me know.

You can fork this repository as a "Template".

  1. On the main page of the Repository click "Use This Template"

Create as Template

  1. Complete Setup details to create a new project using this template


  1. Enjoy

Bugs, Suggestions or other Issues

Please use the Issue Tracker, or drop me a mail at

Project Structure

  • Root
    • Files for
  • Template:
    • Various files associated with the Template
  • Supporting (Things that are needed for the final report)
    • Ethics Certificate
    • Declaration Form
  • Example
    • An Example Dissertation
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