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Project List

This repository contains a list of project topics linked to your module assessment. They are listed in the projects folder. Check the relevant Assignment Brief(s) for a full description of the assessment task then use the instructions below to identify which project you are required to attempt.

NB: do NOT choose a topic yourself. One has been allocated to you. The allocation depends on your student ID as described below.

Each project contains a list of features of increasing complexity. The topics/features are mapped to the grading rubric in the Assignment Brief.

Project Mapping Table

Use the table below to find out which project you have been assigned. Your hash digit is calculated using your Student ID (see below).

Hash Digit
(See Below)
(First Attempt)
0 06
1 07
2 08
3 09
4 10
5 11
6 12
7 13
8 14
9 16
Table: allocated project by student hash digit and cohort. (Cohort format: year-semester of first attempt.)

Hash Digit Computation

To compute your individual hash digit to use in the table above, do the following.

  1. Compute the SHA256 hash sum of your student ID number.
  2. Take the first numeric digit of the hash.

Computing SHA256

In a Linux terminal (such as on your Codio box) run the following command, where "1234567" is replaced with your own student ID.

$ echo -n "1234567" | shasum -a 256

You can double check the hash output using an online SHA256 calculator.


Details of coursework projects to be read in conjunction with the module assignment briefs.